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A sober coach can be extremely valuable providing support and daily accountability for folks who struggle trying to remain clean and sober. Often families are in high stress trying to supper and cope in the best ways and need help and guidance.

My approach is professional, experienced and unique. 

I am a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with many years’ experience in addiction treatment and relapse prevention with proven results in rehab and outpatient clinics. I have  a Masters Level Registered Addiction Specialist (MRAS) and the highest advanced level Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor IV (CATC IV). Many sober coach businesses have unlicensed personnel without substantial substance abuse certifications and experience yet charge similar fees.

With a number of years experience as a behavioral therapist, utilizing numerous theoretical frameworks (such as Existential Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Dialectical, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy and especially Brief Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy, plus Psychodynamic Therapy), I've found the most successful outcomes often incorporate parts and styles of different systems as therapy progresses in order to achieve the best results for each individual.

Support, respect, compassion and unconditional positive regard are essential to growth and happiness, so we always bring those values to working with addicts, loved ones and family.

My team and I provide Intensive Sober Coaching, Case Management, daily schedule management, sober companions if needed, help with relapse prevention, treatment for substance abuse - alcohol - drugs, dual diagnosis help and intensive behavioral therapy modification.


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One block off Highway 101, public transportation right out the door, easy access from San Francisco and throughout Marin. Ample onsite parking.



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